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Lava Lamp FAQ - Frequently asked lava lamp questions

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How do I properly care for my lava lamp?


Is the liquid in a Lava Lamp hazardous?


OOPS! I broke my lava lamp. How do I clean it up?


I plugged in my lava lamp and the Lava isn't moving, why?


What kind of replacement bulbs can I use in my lava lamp?


Are there any safety issues involving my lava lamp?


I have two lava lamps, they don't quite look the same, why?




How do I properly care for my lava lamp?


By following these tips, you can ensure that your lava lamp has a long and healthy life.

They are broken into two sections: Do's and Do Not's.



  • Do have the lava lamp at room temperature before starting.

  • Do allow the lava lamp to warm up for four to six hours to ensure it operates at it's optimal level.

  • Do operate the lava lamp on a flat and stationary surface.

  • Do keep the lava lamp and cord out of the reach of children and pets.

  • Do use the replacement light bulb listed on the sticker located on the base of the lava lamp. Variation in bulb size or wattage will produce unsatisfactory operation of your lava lamp and void your warranty.

  • Do handle the lava lamp with care, especially the glass globe. The globe may break if dropped or subjected to any sudden impact.

  • Do handle your lava lamp with caution while it is plugged in. It takes two to three hours for the lamp to cool off once it is turned off or unplugged.

  • Do realize that each lava lamp is different and has it's own unique personality.

  • Do periodically clean your lava lamp's globe with warm water and a cloth. Make sure the lava lamp is unplugged and cool before cleaning.

Do Not's

  • Do not operate your lava lamp for more than 10 hours at a time. To much heat can affect the flow action of your lamp.

  • Do Not become alarmed if the glass globe of your lava lamp has some slight imperfections. The glass globes are specially made and some slight imperfections are a normal part of the manufacturing process. The imperfections are not defects.

  • Do Not place a lava lamp near sources of heat or cold, such as a heater or air conditioner. The lava lamp operates best at temperatures between 68 F(21 C) and 72 F(23 C).

  • Do Not shake a lava lamp or move it while it is hot. Doing so may cause permanent damgae to your lava lamp.

  • Do Not operate or store your lava lamp in direct sunlight. Doing so may cause the colors in your lava lamp to fade.

  • Do not try to force the lava lamp's polarized plug into an outlet. Polarized means that one blade on the plug is wider, so it can only be inserted into an outlet one way.

  • Do not remove the cap on the globe of the lava lamp and add any fluids or solids to the lamp. The air space at the top of the lava lamp's globe is necessary to allow for the expansion of the fluids. Breaking the seal on the globe also voids the lava lamp's warranty.

  • Do Not operate your lava lamp on glass surfaces.

Is the liquid in a lava lamp hazardous?

The exact LAVA® brand formula is a trade secret.  The product contains wax and water. Although the Lava® brand  products are nonhazardous, should you need specific material or health information, call 773-237-8540 during regular business hours and ask for Consumer Services. After hours, contact Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center at 303-739-1110 or visit their web site at


OOPS! I broke my lava lamp. How do I clean it up?

  1. Be sure the lamp is unplugged and there are no electrical hazards present before proceeding. If the plug or adjacent area to where the plug is located is wet, do not attempt to unlug the lamp. Immediately contact a qualified person for detailed instructions.
    Wearing rubber gloves, carefully pick up and dispose of the broken pieces in a proper container. Be very careful with the broken glass. If you just throw the glass into a garbage can, someone who isn't aware of it may be accidentally injured.

  2. For carpet, blot up the spilled material with an absorbent disposable cloth and then follow the cleaning instructions from your particular carpet manufacturer.

  3. For floors, wipe up with a disposable cloth and clean with normal floor cleaning detergent.

I plugged in my lava lamp and the Lava isn't moving, why?

During initial warm-up of your LAVA® brand motion lamp, the coil in the globe may tend to stand on end or float to the top of the globe. If this happens, then keep your LAVA® brand motion lamp operating  for four hours or more to allow the secret "LAVA®" material to become completely melted. The coil should then automatically drop to its correct position at the bottom of the globe. If the coil does not drop down,  then twirl the globe GENTLY in the base and the coil will drop. Do not shake and handle with care!

What kind of replacement bulbs can I use in my lava lamp?


Replacement Bulb Chart for LAVA® brand motion products





Type For Model
S/11/N LAVA® brand WizardTM and StarshipTM motion lamps
R20F / 5010 LAVA® brand GiantTM  and Lava Grande motion lamps
40* A/15 All other LAVA® brand motion lamps
40 Candelabra LAVA® brand MAGMA-LITE® and Retro RocketTM lamps
25 Candelabra LAVA® brand Time MachineTM
7.5 Night Light LAVA® brand WAVE® motion machine Model 2002
15 Sewing Machine LAVA Accent Series Lamps including the 2 Packs
60** 5060 LAVA brand Lava Grande Glitter Lamps
25 S11 Lava Brand 20 Oz. Lamps and Lava Table Lamps
25 R12 Lava Brand Firefly Lamps

*This MUST be a frosted bulb.

** Do not use any larger wattage as you may damage your lamp.


Are there any safety issues involving my lava lamp?
A Lava lamp has a polarized plug (one plug is wider than the other). As a safety feature, this plug will only fit in a polarized outlet one way. If the plug does not fully fit in the outlet, then reverse the plug. If you still encounter problems, then call a qualified electrician. Never use with an extension cord unless the plug can be fully inserted. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DEFEAT THIS SAFETY FEATURE. Your LAVA® brand motion lamp operates at a very warm temperature. The glass globe and base will become "HOT!" Do not handle your LAVA® brand motion product while it is still operating or hot to the touch.  Doing so may hurt you and your lamp.
I have two lava lamps, they don't quite look the same, why?

Your globe is specially-made glass and may have some slight imperfections. This cannot be avoided and is normal for this process. Also, no two LAVA® brand motion lamps are the same. Each one has its own personality and will function differently.






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